Thursday, June 4, 2009

Making a Google Calendar link

There is a handy form available under Google help to create a website button for a calendar event ( It is pretty useful but I needed to decode the parameters in order to get some javascript to create a particular link on demand. Here's my notes about the parameters you can play with.

anchor address
  • http://www
  • This is the base of the address before the parameters below.
  • action=TEMPLATE
  • A default required parameter.
  • Example:
  • Format: src=text
  • This is not covered by Google help but is an optional parameter in order to add an event to a shared calendar rather than a user's default.
  • Example: text=Garden%20Waste%20Collection
  • Format: text=text
  • This is a required parameter giving the event title.
  • Example: dates=20090621T063000Z/20090621T080000Z (i.e. an event on 21 June 2009 from 7.30am to 9.0am British Summer Time (=GMT+1)).
  • This required parameter gives the start and end dates and times (in Greenwich Mean Time) for the event.
  • Example: location=Home
  • Format: location=text
  • The obvious location field.
  • Example: trp=false
  • Format: trp=true/false
  • Show event as busy (true) or available (false)
  • Example:
  • Example: sprop=name:Home%20Page
  • Format: sprop=website and/or sprop=name:website_name


Leon M said...

I can't figure out where the sprop parameter shows up in the actual event. The parameters output=xml and sf=true are added to my link as well when I click on it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Dum said...

try changing the order of the parameters:

it seems it works fine!

Gigit F. said...

Hi to all.
I tried all these suggestions and they run well, but is it possibile to do it silently? I mean that passing the url, Calendar opens and waits for you to save the event. I would prefer it does not. Many Thanks.

ys said...

I've made a tool based on your document. If you are interested, please check it out!

Google Calendar Event Registration Tool